A few years ago, after a divorce, I started to discover who I was. Through my gifts, I hope to help others find out how special they are.

On a normal day in May, I came home and my husband announced he wanted a divorce. After 14 years of marriage, I was shocked. I had no idea he was unhappy. That began my descent into loneliness and depression. I forgot who I was as I was mainly acting as a wife, a lover, and a doormat. My marriage caused me to lose my identity.A few poor choices, lots of moving and a new job, I began to see who I was and how much I was capable of. I started to explore my spiritual world again and realized that I was oppressed in my marriage with my help! I had an opportunity to be the best version of myself - a strong, independent and spiritual woman. My hope is to to help others find their strong selves even in the mist of doubt and the feeling of not good enough. You ARE good enough. You always have been.

woman sitting on gray stone